In order to increase brand awareness, traffic, and conversations I ran the Frankie's Comics tiktok page. I introduced Frankies Comics to a younger, more diverse audience who I enjoyed connecting with through the brand. I made videos centered around viral tiktok trends with a comic book twist, videos announcing/showing our in-store products and new comic book arrivals, and bonding with customers showing off their comic book orders. 
An overview of the Frankie's Comics TikTok Content mentioned above is in the unlisted playlist below.
Overall TikTok Data
The Frankie's Comics TikTok account was active for around 60 days before the account was shut down and other business endeavors were pursued. The data below shows a positive and steady amount of growth in comments, views, and likes/follows as I would analyze the data weekly and used viral trends combined with a niche hashtag strategy and bonding with the comic book niche community. 
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