Welcome to my website! I’m Caitlin Alexander and I'm from Cary, North Carolina. I got my start as a multimedia graphic designer by volunteering to help with graphics and social media for nonprofits in my spare time after deciding nursing was not the career for me. My dream was to always be an artist and have a creative career. I spent over 5 years paying my way through school for a graphic design degree and volunteering for nonprofits until I could take on freelance jobs. Earning my associates in graphic design gave me the confidence to combine my design skillset with digital marketing and social media. It has been an exciting journey for me as I push myself everyday to see what more I can accomplish in my career transition from nursing/home healthcare into graphic design/digital marketing.
When I'm not working on my latest project, I can be found on walking trails, in the gym, or trying out a new recipe. If you like my work, please reach out through email at caitlin@caitlinalexandercreative.com.
 I can’t wait to chat!
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